Sunday, October 04, 2015

These 9 Public Figures Are Also Super-Talented Creative Artists

You won’t believe what these nine celebrities and public figures do in their spare time. Hint: They’re craftier than you think.

By GabbyR, Oct 02, 2015 Leisure - Art

I guess we need to talk about the refugees at some point

The global refugee crisis has got everyone expressing a view. Here's mine.

By Shane Joseph, Oct 02, 2015 Business - Trends

The Benefits that Every Real Estate Agent should Bring you

Selling alone may not be a big deal, but selling for the best possible deal is definitely a thing.

By Susan7, 20 hours, 56 minutes ago Business - Real Estate

Understanding valuation: How much is your business worth?

Placing a value on a business can be a nightmare for many CEOs. What to start with, what to base the valuation on? How can the estimation be accurate?

Meladerm Cream Skin Lightening - What Makes It Unique

Meladerm is considered as the most effective skin lightening cream available in the market today.

By Teakint, Oct 02, 2015 Life - Health & Fitness

How Many Employees Should You Hire for Your Startup? 

Startups should be considering their growth stage and industry type to hire employees.

By Alice Jakson, 20 hours, 57 minutes ago Business


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