Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 South Los Angeles Power Festival

Local residents gathered in Martin Luther King Jr. Park for some music, food and information to empower their lives, their families and communities.

Give People a Better Surrounding to Live

Since there will be a lot of hairs or little rubbish leaving their bath room, they can buy reusable drain hair filter to prevent those rubbish plugging the tye.

By lonsjiu, 15 hours, 27 minutes ago Life - Cheap & Easy

To pub or not to pub. RIGINAL.

People are like jigsaw puzzles...sometimes the edges overlap and don't quite configure but who cares?

By riginal, 15 hours, 26 minutes ago Intimacy - Relationship Advice

Fashion Jewelry Collocation Trends in 2014

Either the jewelry or the outfit, you should stick to follow the fashion trend and then you can buy some from the wholesale jewelry store.

By lonsjiu, 15 hours, 25 minutes ago Life - Fashion

How to Impress your Audience with Mesmerizing Birthday Party

Birthday party nowadays is not restricted to just cutting of cake and singing of birthday carols. There has been drastic change in the birthday celebrations.

By Birthday Bless, 15 hours, 25 minutes ago Leisure - Celebrities

Which is The Right Time to Invest in Property?

Festival season and the real estate industry are in deep connection with each other.

By Monica Sharma, 15 hours, 25 minutes ago Business - Real Estate


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great insights delivered with your wonderful sense of humour

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This made me smile Uttam, picturing this evening and the lesson learned. The gentleman in you, apologizing even now. I'm sure you have been forgiven long ago.

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Thank you Uttam